Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Social Problems Amongs KUPTM Students

     Hello everyone, today i would like to state a few social problems among KUPTM student. As usual, social problems is common thing among teenagers and young adults so does KUPTM student. In this college, mental bullying is one of the social problems that always occurred. What does it means by mental bullying? It is actually an act of using words and emotion to hurt someone. This can be done by ignoring someone they dislikes on purpose. Futhermore, bashing each other using social media network was also a social problems among KUPTM students. Sometimes the issues they stated on their social media wasn't really a big deal, however with miscommunication and their ego small issue can become more worse. Twitter was one of the social media that often become a platform for them to bashing each other. Next is about Vandalism. Vandalism on campus is a multifaceted problem that takes many forms, including destroying property and drawing graffiti. There was few graffiti was seen at several wall in this college. We do know that these people have talents in drawing however it's not the right place for them to show it. Our college have to pay huge economic and social prices for acts of vandalism. We should reducing vandalism on our campus so that we can make our campus safer for students and staff and in addition , we can improve the college appearance . As for conclusion , everyone in campus should be taking part in preventing these problems from spreading continuously.

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